Fall Bike Park Beautification

November 25, 2013 at 4:25 pm

The big news for last Saturday was finishing up the mulching around the Southwest corner. Last month, we cleared the area of blackberries and weeds to get it ready for mulching. By the way, I get asked why in the heck do I do this sort of thing at the park and the short answer is: The city makes me! Duh. Do you really think I do this because I’m bored or because I enjoy grubbing out blackberries? The answer is, no, I don’t. I would much rather ride my bike and hang out with my family. I have, however, learned that if you want the freedom to do the things you want to do, you have to do some things that you really don’t.

Top – Southwest Corner BEFORE Mulch, Bottom – AFTER Mulch

Which brings me back to mulching and blackberries. The city left us a load of mulch to spread and we did it all! The pile, which was about five feet tall and 15 feet in diameter is gone, moved to the back of the park and spread, and the blackberries that were living there quite happily a month ago have been grubbed out. With any luck, We won’t have any blackberries growing there next spring. I have to admit, it looks great! I had the help of three volunteers to lighten the workload, Rafael Torres (pictured at right), John Grills and Richard Roland. Thanks guys!

More Trail Love on Grasshopper

November 19, 2013 at 4:22 pm

cache_1694045Free time is a rare thing these days. If you are a rider, it can often be a challenge just to get out the door to go ride, much less find time to go do trail work. Because I face this in my own life, I’m used to hearing an array of excuses from people who ride trails but can’t seem to find time to do trail work. Some of my favorites include: “I’m too tired to build trail after I’ve been at work all week.” Or, “I really need to get out to help one of these days when I get some time.” Or my favorite, “Why should I bother? Someone else will show up and do it for me.” I hear this kind of thing all the time! That’s why I’m amazed when people call to ask, “When are you building next? I want to come out and help.” It’s a beautiful thing!

I am always happy to give these people their due, so here it goes…This week, I had two people that called me up to do just that. Chad Anderson (pictured at left) and Ian Von Fischer-Benson both sent me messages to ask. That’s pretty rad! Big thanks also to Stephanie Richey, Ted Printy, Chris Rose and Dash Willis for their backbreaking labor and commitment.

This week we continued to work on the berm after the structure-drop, as we cut in on the low end and built up the top of the berm at least another six inches. We cleared more of the area outside the lower end of the berm and also completely reworked the jump after the structure-drop. All in all, it was an amazingly productive week! The whole group worked extremely hard and it shows! Thank you all!

Top Image – View BEFORE of structure-drop berm, Bottom Image – View AFTER



November 7, 2013 at 3:43 am

Just moved to town and already gettin’ after it. In this edit, Brian Chapel puts together the lower Snake. This was his second day on the trail and he cleaned up nearly every feature. What took me 3 years a fair amount of crashing and tons of personal anguish, took him 2 days. Damn these kids today, making it look easy! Nice work, my friend, and thanks for dropping it here!



Now that you’ve seen the edit check back to see how he got it done. The Progression Sessions video series will document the struggles and trials of riders pushing their personal limits on the bike. And the first in the series will be about Brian’s day on the Snake!

Chad Anderson Catching Air at Whistler Bike Park

November 6, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Shown here displaying superior bike handling skills and top shelf kit selection.

“No thanks, karma is good enough for me.”

November 3, 2013 at 4:20 pm

At some point this morning, my wallet fell out of my coat pocket. It was discovered by a visiting rider on the mountain that was able to find my wife on Facebook by her name and message her. Within an hour, I met up with Jason (see picture to the left) and got the wallet back with all of its contents intact. Jason refused any kind of reward for his efforts. I asked him more than once if I could give him money for his time and good will. He said that, “No thanks, good Karma is enough for me.”

There really are amazing people out there, doing amazingly honest and trusting things just because it’s the right thing to do. Thanks Jason Smith, you are an amazing individual!

First Trail Day on Grasshopper

November 3, 2013 at 4:18 pm

First Grasshopper work day on the books!
It’s official, we had our first day working on Grasshopper! It was a stellar turnout considering the forecast was calling for rain the entire time we were planning to be working! The rain mercifully did not come and we were treated to a crisp, cool autumn morning. The crew consisted of me and 5 motivated individuals. The roster included: Henry Hartshorn, Ted Printy, Chad Anderson, Chris Rose and Mark Allison.

Our project of the day was working on the landing/berm for the first structure on the trail. We started by clearing sticks, rocks and other debris from the area. Next we removed the vegetation and topsoil from the area inside the berm and the backside of the berm. Finally, we added fresh dirt to the berm. More needs to be done, but for a two-hour work party, we got a tremendous amount of work done. Thanks Henry, Ted, Chad, Chris and Mark for your hard work!

More trail days to come, check back here for future scheduled dates!

Structure-Drop Berm before work – Saturday November 2, 2013

Structure-Drop Berm after work – November 3, 2013

Mark Allison, Chris Rose and Henry Hartshorn (pictured from left to right)