Grasshopper Jump is Ready to Ride?

December 20, 2013 at 4:27 pm

This past Sunday, work continued on the jump following the Hip-Drop. Fred Phillips, Chris Rose, Ted Printy and myself spent 4 hours bowling out the berm following the drop, steepened the berm into and widened the landing zone out of the jump following the drop and built up the landing for the Hip-Drop and created a go-around to bypass aroung the Hip-Drop. Long story short, the Berm-to-Berm Jump is very, very close to testing. Wheels will leave the ground very soon! Currenty, it is snowing up there, so riding freshly packed jumps is pretty much out, but when the weather clears, it will be time to guinea pig this thing! Stay tuned!!!! Pictures and video are coming soon.

Thanks Fred, Chris and Ted. You guys rock!

Grasshopper Jump Work

December 1, 2013 at 4:25 pm

Today was a Grasshopper workday and the trail love was ON! The project of the day was building a landing for what will be a berm-to-berm jump. Before we started there was no landing at all for this thing, only a couple of prominent stumps located where the rider might land if he/she were unlucky enough to hit this thing. Now after a 3 hours labor per person we have landing that blends into a shallow right-handed berm. Work still needs to be done to make this jump work, but even right now it looks sweet, even if it is a little optimistically sized.

Thanks to the crew for today. Everyone worked extremely hard, which made today highly productive.

Alex Lewis
Fred Phillips
Rafael Torresem
Ian Fischer-Benson
Stephanie Richey
Josh Holcomb

Thanks gang!

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Top Picture – Berm to Berm Jump Landing BEFORE work, Bottom Picture – Berm to Berm Jump landing AFTER work