Hip-Drop Lowering

January 12, 2014 at 8:45 pm
IMG_1819 Shami and Ted prying Hip-Drop

Prying off the cross braces.

Shami sawing the Hip-Drop supports.

Shami sawing the Hip-Drop supports.

It’s a hard decision to make to significantly alter an existing trail feature, but that choice can make all the difference. Because of how high platform was and how the ramp up was, this feature was prone to knocking you off balance before coming off the drop. I gave this one a lot of thought before making the call, but now that the work is done I’m so, so glad the decision was made.

Top - Drop before work, Bottom - Drop after lowering

Top – Drop before work, Bottom – Drop after lowering

This past Sunday (Jan 12) myself, Shami Campbell and Ted Printy went up to do the work. We cut all four vertical supports to lower the platform by close to a foot and gave it a slight tilt to the right in the direction of the berm lander. We also raised the entrance to the ramp about 8 inches. The result of this is that the drop now has a very mellow transition between the ramp up and the flat top. Visually it made a huge difference. I fully expect the ride experience to be the same. The drop should now be totally mellow and completely shredable!

Thanks so much to Shami for his expertise in making the changes. And thanks to Shami and Ted for volunteering to come up on such a cold, wet and windy days. Thanks guys!

They Said it Couldn’t Be Done

January 5, 2014 at 4:28 pm

cache_2246449The question last week was, “Is this jump ready to ride?” The answer now IS, “Hell yes, it’s ready to ride!” After still more hard work yesterday afternoon dialing in the take-off and the landing, it became official. The berm-to-berm jump is now a rideable feature on the trail! Thanks so much to my “massive” (11 people!) work party that came out yesterday including Terry and Holly (pictured at left). Without their help this would have taken much, much longer.

Me guinea pigging the Berm-to-Berm Jump. Video by Alex Lewis.