First Tracks on the Alexis Step-Up

March 25, 2014 at 3:35 pm

The day is finally here. Alex Lewis and I spent 6 hours working on the final tuning of the run-in and the step-up jump on Grasshopper. After all that hard work, it was time to make this thing official. It was time to ride it! I had the helmet cam running for this, so you get to be a part of the moment too! Here’s the video..

Alexis Step-Up is DONE!

March 24, 2014 at 5:09 am

I’ve been a little quiet for awhile now and that usually means that I’m up to something. This is no different. As of today, Sunday March 23, 2014, we completed the new Grasshopper Step-Up! To say that I’m happy about it is like saying the Titanic was heavy. I’m over the freakin’ moon, man! With a total of 6 days spent working on it and countless volunteer hours invested. it’s finally done! Run-in is dialed, including the chicane after the Berm-to-Berm jump, the right-handed berm that points you at the step-up, as well as a set-up jump just before the step-up to help gauge speed needed. The whole thing works amazingly well. (I did test it out to make sure.) It’s still really, really damp and will need some time to set up so that it doesn’t need to be repaired after every run,  but it’s there and it works! Until further notice, DO NOT RIDE IT! In two weeks or so, it should be good to go.

Thanks to Terry Lewis, Alex Lewis, Holly Alcorn, Ethan Fernandez, Chad Anderson and Joe MacEachern for all your help! Hard work pays off and there was plenty of hard work going down on this project. Thanks all!

From left to right: Ethan, Alex, Joe, Terry, Holly, Me, Chad (Rocking the poncho) and Olive the dog

From left to right: Ethan, Alex, Joe, Terry, Holly, Me, Chad (Rocking the poncho) and Olive the dog




New Chapel Pics

March 8, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Brian Chapel has been busy. He moved from Gunnison, Colorado and immediately got to riding some of the biggest, steepest, scariest Freeride mountain bike trails in the area. His time has been split between riding his bike as much as humanly possible, working at the local bike shop (Fairhaven Bike) to pay the bills and shooting pics. Here is a sampling of what he’s been shooting.

Media Blackout

March 4, 2014 at 5:57 am

I’m going to be brief with this. Consider this a teaser for what will be coming in just a couple of weeks. We’re really close to finishing the next few features on Grasshopper and I’m going into a blackout in regards to the trail until we’re finished.  When done, I fully expect this thing to be one of the most stunning looking features on the mountain. All I can tell you is that work has continued on the trail over the last couple of weeks, as both myself and other members of the team have gone up to the site to solve problems and make improvements. Stay tuned, I think you’re going to like what you see. Oh, and if you just can’t wait, you can come out to the next schedule trail day and see for yourself.

Thanks so much to the following people for their efforts in the last two weeks: Chad Anderson, Terry Lewis, Holly Alcorn, Justin Kors, Mason Storrar, Dan Froula.

Special thanks to Alex Lewis for dedication and hardheadedness that rivals my own in make this thing happen. Beefcake!

Thanks All!