August 26, 2014 at 4:03 pm

Anyone that has put in any significant amount of time in building bike trails or dirt jumps can probably tell you that there are a variety of reasons to come out to help. There are the social reasons – Volunteering to do trail building is a great way to meet people who like to ride mountain bikes. There’s the guilt – Using a free resource that someone else has made and you do nothing to help build or maintain sometimes feels like eating from someone else’s cookie jar. But in my experience, there are two main reasons that people come out to work – personal satisfaction or they just want to help. Self-satisfaction is a powerful motivator, of course, but the purest of reasons is – in my opinion – just wanting to help. Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to see plenty of the latter and I thought these amazing people could use some credit for going above and beyond in their efforts to do just that.


The Early Morning Crew

Shaping dirt requires getting up pretty early in the morning sometimes. Freshly built berms and jumps require lots of tamping to get everything hard-packed. So, after each weekend build day I would go up before work to put in two hours to shape and tamp. I have to do this before I go to work because of my schedule at the bike shop, so I start riding up the mountain to work at, or before 6am. You would think that I would spend a lot time doing this sort of thing alone. I mean, who wants to wake up at 5am and climb out of bed on a rainy, dark winter morning to ride up a mountain with shovels on backpacks to do strenuous manual labor by headlamps? Fortunately for me, Dan Froula, Chad Anderson and Finn Hopper all do. On the wettest of days, in the worst kind of weather, these guys came out to help.

Dan Froula and Chad

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